Going to Bali, Malaysia to Indonesia via Singapore

Every day is great for traveling to Bali

Melaka for us was the most interesting site to visit; we’ll never forget Ajit and his hospitality, the stories he was telling sitting in front of the guesthouse, the laid-back days on the bicycles we had, and the most interesting history a small place like Melaka has.
I wasn’t easy to leave, but we were finally going to Bali! I knew from the start where I wanted to stay; I read “Eat Pray Love” and watched the movie thousands of times. Ubud was the place to be in the middle of this paradise of island, and all I wanted was to follow Julia Roberts’s steps! It was totally worth it sleeping two nights on the Airport and actually buying those second Bali tickets in airport’s McDonalds where the computer is set up to clean the history in 10 minutes! So funny trying to purchase them in that little time given!

going to bali

But, first thing first. There is a bus that goes from the centre of Melaka to the main bus station. We took another bus to Singapore and MRT to Changi Airport, and we were tired enough to fall a sleep whenever we find spot.

But when we landed in Denpasar, the positive energy was coming from everywhere around. The airport looks like a giant temple and it is the first one I’ve seen to be so artsy, open and lovely! As one Balinese proverb says; “We have no art, we do everything as well as we can!”

 Did you know that Balinese people live by three-life principles call Tri Hita Karena? They are: to honour the connection between humans and God, the one between humans and humans and one between humans and nature. Their huge respect of the nature can be seen in the rituals of their everyday life, starting in the mornings with the offerings they made at the temples, households and businesses. They compare the nature with their heartbeat, and the nature gives back to them the most amazing flora and that’s why there is a fresh air running through their open windows everyday.

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Scroll down for amazing photos!

going to baligoing to baligoing to baligoing to baligoing to bali


Read Next>>Eat Pray Love in Ubud, Bali 


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